Sold Vintage Sewing Machine

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Oct 6, 2003
Free Seamstress Sewing Machine. (Deluxe Electric Sewing Machine) - made in England.

Yeah, I know that sounds a strange name, but there are no other names or branding to go by.

IMG_1026 by Last Scratch, on Flickr

Does forwards and reverse. No zig-zag. Very solid feel, runs well.

Comes with:
  • ZigZagger foot, which works on thin fabric, but foot mount height isn't quite right, which prevents it from taking thicker stacks of fabric.
  • Four suitable bobbins
  • Zipper foot
  • Carry case, cloth covered wood
  • Instruction manual (Copyright 1956) and sales receipt (19 June 1971)
Can vary pressure on the presser foot, which is a nice feature not often seen. Certainly can sew finer fabrics, tried with parachute nylon and Sil-Nylon, also tried a bit of webbing. With No70 needle and SewAll went through 2 layers of nylon webbing no problem.

This machine belonged to my best friend's mum, when they lived in the UK. They came back a few years ago to clear out the property and I wound up inheriting this machine and a few other items. I already have an electric machine, and a manual Singer, and don't really need a third sewing machine that does the same jobs.

Be best to hand over / collect in person. It weights 32lb (14.5kg).

I am in south Bedfordshire, but can arrange for a drop down towards Hemel Hempstead, and up the M1 towards Northampton depending on day and time.

IMG_1028 by Last Scratch, on Flickr
IMG_1031 by Last Scratch, on Flickr
IMG_1032 by Last Scratch, on Flickr
IMG_1035 by Last Scratch, on Flickr

Thanks for looking



Jan 21, 2005
S. Lanarkshire
That's a nice steady machine Chris. It does fine detail well. The presser foot adjustment is good for things like light padding, or velvets, or wools.
The zig-zag attachment takes a bit of footering to get comfortable with it, but if it's the machine you have, you quickly get used to it.

40+ years ago my next door neighbour had one of those. It sewed everything from schooldresses to curtains, and kites iirc :) and soft toys which she made for charity.

I don't need it, but I knew of the machine and thought I'd add my tuppence ha'penny worth on it :)

I looked up Seamstress on Sewing Machine Parts, and they have a bit about them too.


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