For Sale Various pouches, Schrade knife.

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May 1, 2008
Stuff which has been bought, never or hardly used and sat in a drawer, its a crime. Someone else will use
95E87899-AAA0-4DFB-8972-3B6F59127132.jpeg First up a Maxped pocket organiser, mint, £12 posted.

Lovely leather pouch for Aloids tin, bought from someone on here with good intentions to use, never happened. £10 posted.

8AF37126-0D7F-41CF-A2AD-10B623C382EF.jpeg Tactical tailor pouch, superb bit of kit, loads of pockets and loops but never found a use for it. £15 posted.

Schrade Old timer carving tool, used once, sat in a drawer. £ 25 posted.
As ever if these are way off price wise, tell me, just want to move on stuff Im not using.