Up the Down.

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Oct 19, 2008
South Coast
Well it says 'Trip report' but it's just a 2 day wander with a night out in between.
Summer seems to be lingering locally, sunny warm days and still mild, although evenings have the feel of Autumn. After a while spent in the flat lands of Norfolk earlier, I had an urge to get out on the Downs again and so with decent weather forecast I did a map recce for about 25 miles over 2 days and packed my gear.

Nearly forty pounds (40lbs) on my ancient rickety weighing scale!

Here's the culprit...there's no reliable water supply on my route and I do like my brews..:D

Also to consider is some warm gear, which seemed pointless down at lower levels but I know from experience that up on the Downs in Autumn especially when the wind gets up it can get definitely 'Ha! Ha! surprise surprise winter's here a bit early'..;)

That will do. I had a big heart failure guaranteed lorry driver's breakfast in the cafe on the way to the bus stop.

The drill is, bus along the coast then up the river valley, and up onto the Downland then walk home.

The river's tidal at this point. Along under the White Horse. Pack feels like it weighs 40 tons not 40 lbs..getting old...

The Canada Geese are here in the valley for their Winter holidays

The Aspens on the opposite bank flicker between dark green and pale grey when the wind blows.

Father raises his wings and gives the Canada hard looks while Mum shepherds the kids safely past

Looking back...That's where I've been..

And that's where I'm headed.

A flock of the World famous Sussex Technicolour Sheep...

Up through the village...and would you believe it.. the church water tap has been repaired!!! Ah! well better safe than brewless.

Signs by the wayside...

Looking back towards the valley.

The views are always changing with the seasons..

Looking seaward, there's a big drilling rig off the Harbour entrance, no doubt working on the Wind Farm they're building off the coast here. Wind's getting up, it's starting to blow hard from the East, I doubt she will go far until it drops a bit.

Tumulii, the burial mounds of the folk who worked the flints dug from the Downland soil. They spread all along the Downland track. The people lived and farmed up here, and they worked the flints into beautiful tools and weapons which were traded far afield.

Sun's going down and I'm feeling the miles now.The East wind has a wicked cold bite to it as well, so that's enough for today..

In amongst the Gorse. Normally I'd pitch to catch the rising sun but not today, I need the shelter of the Gorse.

Cold now..glad I carried the warm gear.

I'm tired, I'll sleep well tonight and unless the Gods have other plans for me I'll see the dawn. The spirits of the old folk under the grass mounds just a few paces away will sleep on and dream the centuries away. I'm alone up here, but never lonely....

A good sleep and looks like another beautiful day. I'll let the sun clear above the gorse and dry the tarp a little I think and then 11 and a bit miles will see me home. Brew time..Again..

Bergan packed and ready to go, check the site...just flattened grass. Glad to get walking as the wind is quite cold.

And when I get home? Ha! knew it, she's anchored off in the lee of the coastal cliffs and although sunny it's blowing half a gale.



Jan 21, 2005
S. Lanarkshire
Lovely read :D thank you Wicca :cool:

Your bit of the world looks so wide open skies to me. Swathes of wideness.
Bet it can be bitter cold with all that exposure though, or roasted with the sun too.

Great report and really interesting to see such a very different bit of the mainland.



Full Member
Jun 14, 2016
Awesome little trip Wicca .
With the sea being the exception, the landscape there is very very similar to the downs here in Wiltshire!
Very familiar indeed...

In fact even the tumuli/long barrows , the rolling hills , the white horse , the chalk and flint ground , even the technicolour sheep!!!
Is this in Norfolk?
Interesting to see that there are knapp hills elsewhere too , along with the white horse and the barrows.

If I had to guess where , I would have guessed somewhere between Devizes and Avebury ...

Cool post



Oct 19, 2008
South Coast
" Is this in Norfolk? "

No Leshy, Norfolk was last trip..flat as a pancake (But still beautiful)

This report (today) is of the South Downs in Sussex, where I live.
Apr 12, 2014
middle earth
That was nice to read Wicca. Looks like a nice place to take a stroll. You did a really good job of taking me along with you in the narrative! Thanks.

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