TRC Knives Splinter 120 m390: My first knife in this steel

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Oct 17, 2016
Hey guys,

Just wanted to drop a quick review of my TRC Knives Splinter 120 in Bohler m390. I've used 3v and N690 in the past and I'm really impressed with the edge retention on m390. My knife had a full flat grind and I've batoned with it and it's held up really well. Sharpening it can be a bit of a chore, but I actually enjoy sharpening and stropping.

These guys are from Lithuania and the knives they've produced has outstanding fit and finish. The plunge line is perfect, the grind is on point, etc...

Here's a video I made of it:

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That's a great review. I really like the lines of it... seems they have changed the name of the knife to "This is freedom" according to the TRC web site.
It's somewhat comparable to my Bark River Aurora LT in Elmax... of course the convex of the Barkie is a great splitter, and at .150" is surprisingly a decent slicer.

It's actually pretty hard to high end steel knives in 1/8" stock... I'd probably had bought this if I had seen this earlier!

Does your have a small perimeter exposed tang?

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