The Sound Of Silence


Jul 24, 2008
You just took me all the way back to being 7 or 8! We lived in a very similar location to Billy Casper in the film "Kes". 50 yds from our house you were straight into huge rolling fields that seemed to go on forever and every summer they were filled with skylarks. I would often take off into the fields and be gone all day, sometimes with a few other kids, sometimes solo. It's all gone now, covered with a couple of thousand houses.

It was the sound of my childhood too. Kes is a wonderful film and one of my favourites, i can relate to it very much, escaping from the grime and noise of heavy industry to wandering across the fields hearing the sweet music of skylarks the contrast between the two was remarkable and gave me a love for nature. Another evocative sound is the call of Peewits. ATB :)


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Nov 11, 2004
Wokingham UK
Much as I love my two boys and my wife for me it's the sound of my own thoughts not being drowned out by the constant talking/ shouting.


Jan 6, 2017
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Ah, skylarks!
Yes! Yes! Yes!

Not sure it's a 'bushcraft sound' for me, but it's definitely THE 'outdoors sound' for me.
I always associate them with Summer, even though they're year round. In fact, a couple of Winters ago I was out on a cycle ride and I stopped at a favourite stop spot and then I heard the sound of a skylark, out across the frosty field. There was a clear blue sky, but the air was still crisp. I looked about and there I saw the little chap, flapping his wings and trilling his song.
'That's a plucky fella,' I thought. He must have been frozen.
But I felt my spirits lift whilst listening to that song and see him hover and dip over that Winter field.

Summer just gone I had a lucky encounter with a skylark. It's hard to get a good picture of a skylark - if they're on the ground they sense you coming and they're off. And trying to get a good picture of one on the wing is just as tricky - they stay still for just a short while and no sooner do you have one in view and you're just about to press the shutter then off they go!
But last Summer I was out for a walk, and I saw a small shape sitting on a rock. I though nothing more of it and took it for granted that whatever it was would be gone by the time I got near. Sure enough it almost immediately flew off in to the long grass. But then it came back. Though off it went again. Then, to my surprise, when I was no more than 20 feet from the stone it had been sitting on it came back and stood there, all proud. And I got this picture of the skylark...