teach the kids?!

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Apr 9, 2012
Well if you think about it, it's amazing that the whole bushcraft movement took off in such a big way!, especially in the UK; of course there were people outdoors in the wild all the time (book Woodcraft and Indian Lore 1920!), luckily the UK has and had a lot of crafters etc, but I do think we can tap each other on the shoulders.
Realisation of the weath of the outdoors, countryside, mother Nature, seasons of plenty (edibles), maybe for some God in the Quit Places in nature, all the skills, long forgotten to a lot of towns and cities or regions: whitling, leathercraft, fire, Flora and Fauna, forging tanning, durable materials, satifaction in simple stuff. Enjoying strolling in the woods!
But this life ends one day....................so the skills and our life lessons must live on.... For myself, born in a bigger modern town, all skills were gone in our neighbourhood. My father fished, ok, but that was all and my mother had a veg garden.
Also is it not a sad sight, those kids into the dead alleys of street culture (watch those movie videos) and less innocent? stuff like PC and TV addictions....Sure there are plenty of nice kids, with caring good parents.
But maybe we must make it a part of bushcraft, like all the Sections on this Forum; Gear, Edged tools, Crafts, Outings...also Teaching The Kids !? Another edged tool or maybe I will look to the yougster(s).

Personally I am far from perfect. Also have to cary my life cross and all ain't perfect.
But my kid (boy, 7 yrs) goes along regularly. I make it more interesting for him, so cool tinder that take easy fire! or spotting and studying lizards or fishing, recently this summer fly fishing (catching fish with imitation flys wow), edible tasty plants, shooting some arrows, having his own fire, I bought his first pocket knives at 6 haha, his mother/my wife did not like it.
I recently joined a Kids rock excursion trip and also took lead in showing some kids around.
I could do much more......

So maybe some people here can share their stories, help each other out plus insprire each other.
Because the future of buschraft, the local people, even the world depends on it.
And that they may teach their youngsters. Its very satisfying too.
Some scientific studies even clearly pointed out that organised outdoors activities, like being active member of Scouting Groups, seriously reduces risks of crime, drugs and stuff like depression.
The well oiled social Boys / Girls Scouts even were hardly prone to anxieties and other nasty stuff.

Take care! thanks for watching and reading.

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