Tactical or traditional?

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Jan 1, 2014
I'm considering buying a british army bergan with side pockets and yoke, grade 1 condition for £50 to replace (or at least rotate with) my lk35 rucksack.

Mainly because i could stuff my sleeping bag and bivy inside with plenty of room to spare.
The outer pockets being handy for quick access items, brewkit, waterproofs, etc.
Daypack versatility.
Loads more streamlined (without side pouches, at least).
Has its own belt.

The lk35 is great, it fits me really well and it's super comfortable, but it is heavy, i never really use the frame by itself, the bucket style is fine at camp i know where everything is and can easily pack and unpack, but its a pain in the bum for quick stops like water breaks (i prefer bottles to bladders). I bought the swedish webbing to add as side pouches but really dont fancy the effort of stitching them by hand and the alternatives such as using the pistol belt and clips to strap around the bag really sucks.

I've about sold my self on the bergan but, what do you guys reckon?
What's your experience?

Seems like a lot of quality bag for a decent price, could probably find it cheaper if i shopped around. In fact i'm sure a friend of mine offered to swap with me.
Edit: but dont want to take the plunge just yet. Ill ask if i can borrow his in the meantime

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Good price that!

Bullet proof kit that will take anything you throw at it and the interior is like the Tardis! Easily packable and very comfortable to carry when full

Go for it!!!

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Mar 5, 2018
They are offered used in Germany but not grade 1, it's just not assorted used stuff.

Do you think it's a good recommendation to buy one unseen or is the used British army stuff generally in relatively bad conditions?


Jul 6, 2016
They are offered used in Germany but not grade 1, it's just not assorted used stuff.

Do you think it's a good recommendation to buy one unseen or is the used British army stuff generally in relatively bad conditions?

It's down to you mate, I generally go by the product description.
I've bought "used" stuff online and it's been like new.
But i've also seen how rough some kit can be when browsing local surplus stores n we've all heard stories of dodgy ebay sellers n what not.

I'd either order from a foreign website that has them graded, or i'd get a new one in germany.

I borrowed my friends bergan and loaded it up with my full kit n went for a walk in the woods today, not too far out, couple miles max.
Spent the evening watching 2 deer feeding from between 15-30 yards away, i spotted them in a clearing from a distance away, crept up behind a tree branch with some thicker foliage on the edge of the wood, sat resting against the bag, binoculars in hand and scrim net over my head, observing through the brush.
Was sat there for what seemed like forever, til something squeaking in the grass right in front of me kept making one of the deer heads pop up, it would relax... then again squeak, the deers head pops up.This went on for about 15 minutes, i couldnt make out what the noise was for the life of me, theres two busy roads not far off, n its a windy, creaky thicket.

...Then the deer bolt and i see some movement right in front of me in the grass.
it was a really tense moment cos i thought what on earth is that coming towards me!..

I had to try my best not to burst out laughing as three fat female pheasant come plodding out of the grass in to the woods right next to me, literally 3ft away.
I spent the next 10 minutes watching them go about their business until they slowly wandered off out of sight.
I then packed up n walked upwind into the field n watched some ridiculously fat woodpigeons feeding on the maize in the neighbouring fields edge.

Good 2 or 3 hours well spent i reckon.

I found the pack comfortable and a nice fit.
I packed it according to how i would when going on a trip n had a quick play in the woods also.
Had a lot of fun with it and it suits my needs very well.

Sorry for the long comment, i just thought it was quite a funny evening n some can appreciate some of those moments.

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