Swedish LK35 Canvas or Cordura ?

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Hi Guys and Girls, I'm looking at getting a LK35 backpack after watching MCQ Bushcraft's review. My options seem to be canvas or cordura construction, so I was wandering the pros and cons of each one from the people who own them. Looking forward to hearing your opinions before I splash my cash. Cheers...


Dec 31, 2015
What is your environment like? Mike says that his is quite wet so he went with Cordura, maybe yours is much drier?

How far are you planning to carry it? Canvas is slightly heavier if I'm not mistaken?


Feb 15, 2016
Do yourself a favor, and try it on with weights in it first. If you can, borrow one, go on a hike, and see how it carries with weight in it. I'm pretty sure that after that, you'll quickly look into something a bit more current ;).

If it's purely canvas vs cordura: cordura is better in all ways. Lighter, stronger, more water resistant, doesn't absorb water like canvas, easier to clean and keep in decent condition.


Feb 10, 2016
Grand Cayman, Norway, Sweden
the Canvas ones were impregnated and water proof, but then I am talking 30 years ago. age has removed the proofing for sure! Yes, a try first is a good idea.
I had written this on several LK 35 threads before, so I am like a parrot, but the design is horrible for an average height person. The frames are made from thin steel tubes that dig in the back painfully, they are too short top to bottom so it basically does not fit.
a hip belt can be easily attached, but then the frame sits low so the shoulder straps hand behind the shoulderblades.

We used them fully loaded.
The vast of us, both career and National service, bought proper back packs instead.

I guess they are good enough if you carry only a few kilos a few miles though!
Sep 16, 2013
Rochester, Kent
It seems to suit certain people better than others. I had one for a while but could never get it to sit comfortably on my back. The metal tubes kept pinching my skin on the top of my thighs. I'm 5'11'' and fairly stocky in build (i.e am packing a bit of timber!). I saw MCQ's video on it and I wonder if it works better for him as the pack is a better match for his body shape.

That aside it's a solid pack which can hold some serious weight. I'd definitely go for the cordura version due to the durability.


Feb 10, 2016
Grand Cayman, Norway, Sweden
the frames are made to have ammo boxes, radios, anti tank missiles and grenades and mortar grenades attached.
Hence the rigidity and strength.
The fit is excellent if you are Tyrion.


Jan 11, 2012
I don't have personal experience with the bag, but the pros and cons of canvas are canvas gets wet, but drys quicker. If cordura gets wet, it takes longer to dry. Done right, both are shower proof but I always recommend a dry bag and or rucksack cover in real wet. So ultimately it's a choice of style, in my opinion :)


Feb 10, 2016
Grand Cayman, Norway, Sweden
Remember the canvas sacks are what, minimum 35 years old or even older? If you are lucky the storage barn was nice and dry, so the material is in excellent condition. If a wetter storage it could have aged badly and become more brittle. Same applies for the stitching. The leather straps can be dried out and brittle.

It is a risk if you buy a vintage piece of equipment.

If you are taller than Tyrion, and the frame does not fit, you can possibly source a larger frame (online?)and move the sack to that one.

Both backpacks are "Swedish Mil spec" so of an incredibly high quality. Material, assembly, design.


Mar 8, 2017
Preston, England
I just bought the Cordura today. I spent some time with both and went for Cordura. Reason being is that from the examples I saw, the Cordura was less worn and it also matched the material of the Ammo pouches.

I am 5'9" and medium in everything and the pack fits me like a glove