swazi/RM back forty any thoughts?

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As the title says really. My Mum:You_Rock_ being the all round good egg she is was kind enough to buy me a hooded back 40 from woodlore for my birthday.
Now it's a cracking bit of kit I'm not particularly taken with the RM badge but thats no biggie really.
The shirt itself is well made (almost bomb proof) two good sized chest pockets which fasten with both press studs and velcro.
It has long tails front and back to tuck in or not as you please.
I'm not certain about the hood though, it's not as big as it might be, but close fitting means good insulation, and I can see mileage for sleeping 'hood up' in colder weather.
I really like the sleaves plenty long enough and with a cuff and press stud fastening (easy to roll up).
It's not olive or dark green as I wear both far too often (apparently) but rather 'taupe' this in reality is a grey green somewhat darker than the images on Rays site (I like it).
As yet I've not put the shirt through it's paces 'proper like' but have worn it on a couple of walks and to bum about in and am well pleased.
The down side if there is one is do the hood and RM badge justify the undoubted mark up financially?:confused: . For some folk the badge alone might do it, the hood time will tell but I suspect not.
Either way the best pressies are things you would'nt or could'nt justify buying for yourself and I'm well made up:D .
Cheers Tim
Crikey and lox a lordy
still thats only 10 mins drive from me so I can save a tenner on postage which makes it a bargain......

Sadly my attempt at bargain psycology on SWTSMBOBUI failed :( so I'll not be having that even at such a great price.

Cheers Tim


Full Member
Oct 19, 2006
Are they as good as a Swanni Ranger? I know that one is wool and the other a synthetic fleece but I'd be interested to hear which one of these two gets the thumbs up. Christmas is coming after all...

Many thanks, in advance, for any/all words of wisdom!
litefoot: I know where your coming from, I'm fast reaching the same conclusion myself, will see how it performs over the proper cold weather first though...when out and about.

Tiley: no idea as I not got a swanni, the other half has and she loves it, I'm thinking it will be a personal pref thing.

cheers Tim


Jul 26, 2005
Alright folks,

I treated myself to one about a year back. Great bit of kit. My daughter said I was to old for a hoodie, can you beleive it:eek:

So after checking the 'NIN' and 'Insane Clown Posse' settled on Woodlore.

Wear it every opportunity. I will admit to running a Black indelible pen over the Woodlore Logo though. Apologies Ray, but it just had to be done!!

I rate it up there with HH Field Jacket and the Head Over for best bits of kit.


In Wood

Oct 15, 2006
Leyland, Lancashire.
Same here, last year my good lady bought me the very said article. what a cracking bit of kit. If anything about a complaint, it can be a bit too warm. I wear it alot, but this time of year it is at its best, just a T shirt under it and a canvas smock over it and i am sorted what ever the weather throws at me, hood up keeps the neck and head warm. I shave my head on a daily basis except the weekend (what has this got to do with this topic, I will explain). so when i wear it at the weekend and put the hood up, it velcros its self to my head and does not slip off, twist, turn block my view. its great. One comment on the pockets, if you are sitting observing wild life DONT OPEN THE POCKET. You can not do this quietly.
But good kit. wears well, washes well and stands up to some stick and still looks good.
Thanks for the replys guys I have'nt reached the 'living in it' stage yet but it's looking awfully possible. As I said in the original post this is'nt something I would have bought for myself but....I am so pleased someone else did!! :D

PS Helly field jacket blooming marvellous bit of kit!!!!

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