Suffolk Bushcraft Group Monthly Meeting Friday 2nd to Sunday 4th May 2014

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Sep 10, 2013
Wasn't my intention to create a vote, original post was 1. Carry in Carry out 2. Buy an incinerator as alternative to burning rubbish on fire to annoyance of others.

Responses became "I vote for.." so I edited!

Anyways "Carry in Carry out" it is and as it should be.

As for
Also I would like to bring up the point that so far I have taken home the Dutch Ovens and Billys used for the group meal to Clean.. I found that when it came to washing up the Group Meal Items There was not a great deal of interest shown in doing it, only after mentioning it a few times did someone come forward and say that they would take them home to do.. so far my DO's, pans and utensils have been used.. and up until this meet I always took them home to clean..

I also found that some of my utensils were borrowed then just left..... for me to find.......

House Keeping has to improve............I did notice that the Craft of keeping the Camp tidy seems to be going to pot as well, can we please improve on this as well, for example wood/branches dragged for the wood pile laying around, personal kit covering a large area in the commuinial area..

I have tried to keep the meet from being strangled by Rules and Regulations, and want to keep it that way,

On a personal point from this point, I am afraid to say that I will no longer lend out utensils from my roll as this is not the first time I have to search for them after they have been borrowed.....

I did mention 'Babybath' but for approx £15 we could purchase a large storage box with lid (£7) to act as a basin, scrub-brush, washing up liquid and a set of utensils for use with group meals and clean up etc.

This will benefit the group, assist in Housekeeping, clean up of group kit etc. and for individuals use too.

That's what the group fund is for, IMO doesn't require a vote as I'm sure the majority will approve!
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Jan 7, 2012

The baby bath was mentioned, and is a good idea.. but to be honest the fact that people did not want to offer to help clean up is the thing in my post....

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