Suffolk Bushcraft Group 2 Night Meet 6th April to 8th April 2018

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Jun 9, 2009
North West London
A 10 Acre mixed Woodland that is very quiet and secluded, and lends itself to wild camping, both in Hammocks and Tents/Tarps, just outside of the village of Stansfield,
Please Note No arrivals after 9:30pm.....
New comers to Site - By Arrangement Only, The meet time MUST be arranged, this is not an easy place to find.....
Meet at Compasses Pub, Stansfield, Sudbury, Suffolk, CO10 8LN. By Arrangement Only, normally finishing about midday on the Last day. Please be on time as the Woodland is hard to find,
The Camp Site charge per person for the weekend, In Cash please on arrival, Please bring the correct amount.
Adults - Up to two nights £10 per person
10 to 18 years of age - Up to two nights £5 per person
Under 10's there is no charge.
Under 18s
Are welcome to attend, they are the responsibility of the Parent/Guardian that they came to the meet with, also please keep children under control. Please Note this a remote woodland in Suffolk, it is about 1 Mile from a road, and some time only accessible by foot across a field (about 1/2 mile), please read the full description of the place, it may be worth a visit before bringing under 18's, just to make sure its not too wild for them.
Our meets, are good natured and light hearted, with safety in mind, we aim to carry this on with self regulation, if it does not then the offending person will be asked to leave immediately.
Axes and Sharps, the use and carrying of axes are not permitted until the attendee has attended a Sharps Care, Safety and Use briefing..wise no Personal fires
Personal Hygiene - please bring your Hygiene kits (loo roll ect),
The Communal Area has shelter with a fire pit that has a concrete base.
There is NO Facility to leave rubbish on site or at the farm, please bring a Rubbish Bag for your waste and take it home; we have had occasions were other peoples pitches have been cleaned up by others, You Carry In – You Carry Out.
Vehicles and Access and Parking to site
There is no Vehicular Access to the woods.Car Parking for the woodland will be about 800m away from the woodland in a Working Farm Yard, please do not block Gates and Barn doorways. For Parking it is now behind the Black Gates, not in front of them, Please Close the gates after parking.
Wood can be gathered from around the site, Dead Wood only to be used. No green wood cutting allowed.
All Attendee's, attend and take part in any activities at their own attending you agree this.
The nearest A & E is 20 minutes drive at;
West Suffolk Hospital
Hardwick Lane
Bury St Edmunds
Suffolk IP33 2QZ,
Switchboard: 01284 713000


A somewhat settled
Jun 9, 2009
North West London
ATTENDANCE - Copy and paste the last list showing people that are attending the meeting in this thread, then add your name....and the nights you will be staying,
1. Colin. Friday and Saturday.


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Sep 10, 2013
1. Colin. Friday and Saturday.
2. Andy - Friday & Saturday
3. Trev - Friday & Saturday
4. John - Friday and Saturday
5. Kevin - Friday & Saturday
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Aug 15, 2018
Hi guys.
I'm a complete novice to all things technical and forum type things.
I've been into bushcraft for a long time now but it's finding the time and places to practice.
I've got a trip to Sweden planned for next year and i would really like to get out and back to it .
I live in Sudbury so not to far from the site you use.
Just wondering if you have anything planned for the neat future or if anyone can point me in the right direction.
Hope this all makes sense and I've posted it properly.