Sold Stuart Mitchell Secare survival knife.

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nick p

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Mar 4, 2005
Stuart Mitchell Secare survival knife.
SF100 stainless steel
9" overall length
4 1/2" blade
Black Kydex sheath with firesteel.
This is well used and much of it in the ocean environment. It has also made fire sticks walking sticks, processed game and fish. It has lived on our small boat for a few years but also been with me on several overland trips to Europe and North Africa.

There are tiny pit marks on the spine of the knife and also a couple on each side of the blade. A couple of times the exposed steel/blade has been cleaned up with 800 wet and dry
The matching firestriker also shows some corrosion/pitting.
I've been done my best to show this in the pictures.

This is a great knife and if you want a user at a realistic price I think this is it. Please beware it is not a drawer queen or display piece.

I'll start it at £200.00 inc any fees and UK RMSD and see how it goes......

Thanks for looking Nick.
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