Stormy Kromer wool vest 6 month review

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May 1, 2008
4920CF42-764F-4113-A2B0-94492657D700.jpegBought one of these six months ago as its a cheaper alternative to the Filson but seems to be of similar quality ( nod to Wayland who originally reviewed this stuff ).
This has rarely been off my back, only the hottest days really when I have not worn it. So, how has it held up ?
Very well ! Its still looks almost new, seems to be stain and mark resistant in some weird way as I am a messy sod. There are plenty pockets of different sizes. In case you are as dull as me, I am currently carrying:
Two large cotton hankies ( one for hanky duties, other for cleaning lenses, offering to damsels etc)
Lighter, tin small cigars.
Change and wallet.
Paper tissues
Hand sanitiser
Brass door handle opening thing from Heinnie
lip salve
pen and pencil
Lajaune cachous
Nooz ( little pince nez type specs )
The point being that it does not bulge, look overfull or feel clunky.

The colder weather here in a dry Saxony means that its really come into its own, being pretty much windproof and its such a versatile thing, looks good over a shirt but can layer up as needed.
Yes, it would be nice if one or more pockets fastened but thats not the look of the thing, its very traditional. And thats the only very minor nigple after six months use.
I am so impressed that I am almost seriously considering a jacket from Kromer or Filson in wool, and this from a man who always says thats it, I sont need any more jackets......
Not cheap, but magnificent value. If you are dithering then push the button, you will not regret it !


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Oct 13, 2004
I've one of their hats. Great quality. The Filson stuff is great too.


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May 1, 2008
where did you get it, I've been looking at them for a while
Sorry for the delay, we are in Germany and I dont look here as often as I should. In the end I just bought it direct from SK in the US, it was the easiest option and came quite quickly. It seems hard to find any UK dealer with a decent selection of their stuff.


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Aug 28, 2004
Isle of Wight
If you are after the Stormy Kromer vests, shirts and jackets then try here,

Nothing to do with them other than being a satisfied customer and their customer service and delivery is on a par with Heinnie’s. All their stuff is delivered from UK stock too.
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