SotP Group buy – Norwegian Lavvu tents & stoves

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Nov 2, 2006
Hi Folks

With the boost to the SotP numbers that you guys have given, we're ready to go ahead and close the group buy. I've just posted this over on SotP but I hope you don't mind me recycling the words....

Numbers are better than predicted so prices should be a bit down on first estimates (carriage to UK is divided equally) but not by loads. I've even received the first cheque (!!!!!) from a member going on holiday and not wanting to miss out.

After a fair bit of messing around, I'm back to ParcelForce for carriage but highlands and islands is not going to be cheap, still a significant saving over direct though.

I shall go through and PM everyone on my 'interested' list - although a few have confirmed recently anyway. I will need confirmation and a postcode to start with and from that I can price up carriage and totals.

Bison have informed me that the tents now have a little window and mosquito netting in the doors.

If you've expressed interest, keep an eye on your BCUK inbox. If you want to go on the list, post here or PM me.




Aug 13, 2006
Not had any communication for a while. Is every thing going OK?
If you need a hand with organising etc. Meanderer give me a PM. Happy to help.



Nov 2, 2006
Hi Folks

All OK on the group buy! As this is a huge buy, the prospect of a cock-up does not thrill me... I'm just getting all the details bang up-to-date from the supplier before I do the last sums and ask for cheques.

The currency seems fairly stable but I need to know what the carriers are going to charge EXACTLY! With no margin to play with I want to make sure I've got it right!

There have been a couple of late-comers but they're now included.

I'm fairly close by to Bigman down yer in Devon so when a huge pallet of stuff arrives he may get a PM but otherwise I'm doing fine.

I should be finalising early this week if all goes well.

Thanks for support, patience and interest! More soon.

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stuart f

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Jan 19, 2004
Hawick, Scottish Borders
Hi all just a quick question, i have ordered a Tinde4 and i was wondering if anyone knows how many tent pegs i will need,i know that the tipi comes with metal pegs but i'm making wooden ones from hazel just for aesthetics.Any help much appreciated.


Nov 2, 2006
Information update!

We have a minor snag, but otherwise we're there!!!!

Bison have run out of stoves... The factory where they're made has moved and delivery is now scheduled for early February '07.

However, this doesn't effect the tent supply and the success of the group buy means that we are on TWO pallets for delivery to the UK anyway. I can either post separately or hang on to tents until stoves come in. Those in the South West or who know someone down here can collect in the Exeter-Plymouth area.

On the assumption that this isn't going to cause many people to have second thoughts, I'm going to close the offer today/tomorrow and really start organising payment and delivery.

You are all putting faith in me with your funds and at present I'm reckoning that I will do the postage out to everyone at my risk on the basis that we can have a sort out afterwards on the extra bits! Otherwise I have to try and calculate individual package weights based on manufacturers figures and guessing packaging weights!

Anyone ordering recently or in the next day or two will be included – life is particularly hectic at the moment so PM's have not always been responded to instantly!

So, keep your eyes on your inboxes and dust off your cheque books! I have to do a tad more spreadsheet work and then I'll be PM-ing any changes and an address.

Thank you all for your interest and support – I'd like to think that the workload will soon be easing but I've yet to package and resend this lot...

More later.



May 16, 2005
SE london
No problem mate, i'll just have to invest in a small firebox untill the stoves arrive as the stove was the clinch or at least the ability to have fire in your tent..
Have i got it right that the stoves are still on just comming at a later date?