Skill share/meet up Wooplaw 24th,25thand 26th October

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stuart f

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Jan 19, 2004
Hawick, Scottish Borders
Hi folks, Seeing as its been a while and also it will be the end of British summer time on the 26th of October, i though a little get together would be nice, no to cold and hopefully no midges.

So the venue, well i know people liked Wooplaw the last time, and its a grand setting for a skill share, so it only seemed natural.

Anyway is there any takers? for a spot of :camping: :beerchug: :hammock:

Please let me know.

Cheers Stuart.

Edit:1/10/14, Ok, nice to see some folks interested, so here's some info that may help answer some questions.

The site for the meet up will be Wooplaw community woodland, in the Scottish Borders. here's a link to the web site.

The site has no running water, so please bring you own for the duration, plus food. The nearest shops are in Galashiels, which is only a 10 minute drive from the site.

The site has a car park.

The site has composting toilets.

Children are more than welcome, but could we ask that any under the age of 16 be accompanied by an adult, as there will be people using and showing sharp objects around camp. I or Wooplaw accept no responsibility for any accidents that occur during the meet up. The nearest hospital is the Borders General Hospital, which is about 20mins from the site. Link

Could you please bring some logs along to help out the communal fire, as we don't want to denude Wooplaw of wood, for our fire.

Dogs are welcome, but please be aware the that site is open to the public, and many dog walkers use the area, so it would be appreciated if they are kept under control, and their ablutions picked up after them.

I have a parachute canopy which will be used as the communal shelter over the fire, its also a good idea to bring a camping chair for at nights.

Regarding fires, could we ask that people don't light fires outwith the main fire areas.

For the cooking of food, you can cook over the communal fire if you wish, as i will have a large suspension rig sorted, to take multiple pots, there are also 2 BBQ stations under cover that can also be used, or alternatively you could just bring along a stove and cook on that.

There is plenty of space for hammock and tents dotted around the place, so just pick a spot, and enjoy the woods.

We also usually have a couple of small light dry cooking sherries around the fire at night, so please be aware that adult chat is most likely to be heard later on, and we wouldn't want to upset any minors by some colourful talk.

If folks want to bring along kit to barter, then please feel free to do so, but i accept no responsibility for deals being made, its really about common sense.

Could i ask a donation of £5 per person for the weekend to go to Wooplaw, to help with the up keep of this wonderful resource.

And if you wish to do a little demoing then please let me know, as i will have a white board to put times for the different activities on the day. Please don't be shy, anything would be great, you don't have to be an expert, just enthusiastic, but if you still feel that's a bit to much and you just want to learn something then that is fine also, as things usually spontaneously happen anyway. We have had these meet ups many times and as folk will attest they are very laid back affairs, so allay you fears and come along and have a great weekend with like minded people.

I can't think of anything else at the moment, but if there is and your not sure then please just ask away.

Thank you.
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Aug 7, 2010
Cheers Stuart I'll be there , Wooplaw is a great place for a meet and last years one was a hoot !

Craig. .....
Dec 18, 2008
Cheers Craig, there's always a comedian in the house ...;)

I meant to type Saturday/Sunday for sure, very likely friday too.
If Col reads this he'll probably mention about me booking the wrong flight, turning up a week early and in the wrong town, for an Arctic meet!
Don't believe him ... :rolleyes:



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Apr 24, 2012
Stuart you forgot to mention excessive use of the beer bong 😉

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