Sign of the Wolves

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Feb 21, 2010
Rupert's Land
Spring is some time away yet. Here are the tracks left by a pack of wolves passing through. These pics were taken April 6th.

Here is a track with a full size Bic for scale

A lot of activity along the shoreline of a lake

This is why: a caribou hide left behind by an aboriginal hunter. This is all that remains

A bed on another shoreline, with four others on the ice

This is one, with a tuft of hair left behind

And another

After eating the hide, I found huge amounts of droppings heavily laden with caribou hair, scattered over a wide area along their trail a few miles south of the hide. Here is one place where it looks like a raven investigated to see if a possible meal was waiting. Centre right shows wing marks while among the droppings are the footprints of one that scattered the droppings

Unfortunately, I never saw these particular wolves but it's still a pleasure finding their sign. They are very wary, as there are very few humans here and they are truly wild.
Apr 6, 2013
I've seen magpies eating dog-poop before, quite a nasty habit. Wish there was wolves at this end of the country (western Norway), only in the east a small inbred pack are allowed life, with some loners crossing the borders just to be shot by mad farmers.

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