Should I axe my axe ?

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Bushcrafter (boy, I've got a lot to say!)
Apr 15, 2005
I don't own any significant land and although I have a Hatchet and a splitting axe/maul the splitting axe/maul gets far more use processing firewood and the sledge part gets used for demolition at work than the hatchet ever does.
Maybe if I owned wooodland I'd use the hatchet more.
As it is I have a belting set of secateurs that get more regular use than either of them.
The sledge side of my maul is ace though, heavy enough to really do some work but not like a 14LB sledge thats too tiring for prolonged use. Concrete floors need broken up? No worries unless they have weldmesh in them.
Block walls, down fast.

I'm a carpenter so shouldn't really be so keen on demolition but hey I'm good at it.


M.A.B (Mad About Bushcraft)
Jan 15, 2011
In the end the question depends on how you define “need.” Face it: this thing we call bushcraft is a hobby. We do it for the sheer fun of it. If you want to use an axe, you will. If you want to accomplish those tasks some other way then you’ll do that instead. Personally I’ve never “needed” an ace for anything on a recreational trip. Nor a saw of any kind for that matter. But I do take them and use them sometimes simply because I want to.