Scandi grind vs sabre grind - Removed.

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Oct 6, 2003
Original thread has been moved off the open forum.

I thought that after around 80 posts, some rather heated, that the thread was getting back on a useful and educational track. That was mid morning of 13/11/20. I came back similar time 14/11/13 to find the arguments flared up again with reports of physical threats, swearing, and general bad feeling.

Time to call enough. Maybe, at some point, the moderators will have the time to wade through the 40 posts from the last 24 hours and and figure out who said what, why and put back something that serves a useful purpose.

Swearing is not acceptable. If you think someone is using threatening language, report it to the moderators. I have not seen anything in the thread that I would have interpreted as a threat. Past experience with all the people involved has been that they are sound, sensible and reasonable. We should try to bear this in mind when we read each other's posts. Try to assume the best, not the worst.

To Slaphead, the original poster, I am sorry your thread went the way it did. Truly I am. You asked valid questions and the member's of this forum are usually better at posting answers and accepting different views and ways to do things than was exhibited over the last few days.

Thread locked. We do not want to see any continuation of arguments on other threads. Anyone who wants can PM me or the other moderators for a private chat.


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White bear (Admin)
Apr 16, 2003
I'm amazed that a thread as basic as one on knife grinds turned so sour and accusatory. It seems from reading through it that some definition differences and obvious communication difficulties turn into something that was totally inappropriate.

Above, Chris has explained things very well and for those that want a more defined statement about threats being made, as it seems Chris's statement was not strong enough (although I think perfectly understandable) there were none, no one was threatened with physical violence or aggression.

I wanted to put the thread back online but there was so much sniping and finger pointing, condescension, pride and bitterness that the soul of it was lost.
Not open for further replies.

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