Salt Dome Salmon

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Robson Valley

Full Member
Nov 24, 2014
McBride, BC
Dang but that makes me hungry! Had not seen this one before The big twig fire on top sets the salt.
You learn to recognize the cleaver = these guys are professional city chefs that can do magic in the woods.
I've seen a couple of other episodes, I think that the style and size of the fires is a point well taken each time.

Here's a serving dish for foods like that: yellow cedar, holds a 9" pie plate too.
FROG PIE 002.jpg


Feb 10, 2016
Grand Cayman, Norway, Sweden
A very popular way to cook fowl or fish in countries with supply of cheap salt.

For some reason, the food becomes delicious, juicy.
I could eat that Trout right now! Leave the skin for last!