Review - Warbonnet Ridge Runner Hammock

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Oct 3, 2012
Ok so as a few of you fine folks have asked me for a it is.

I purchased this hammock on Tuesday from Mat @ UKHammocks.
It was dispatched on Wednesday and arrived by 8am Thursday morning so thank Mat for the swift delivery.

When it arrived i was surprised at how small and light the actual hammock is, much smaller than my TW hammock. It can be made even small with some compression straps if you so wished.
Here its pictured withh a pot noodle for size comparrison.


Its made of a breathable water resistant fabric, i think its a 1.4oz ripstop nylon but not sure on the actual weight but its very thin and light.

It comes in a very well made Silnylon?? waterproof double ended bishop bag.
I tested its waterproof by pouring water on it and trying for 5 mins to rub it into the material but it just beaded up and never soaked in.


I got the version with webbing straps and some titanium dutch buckles, you can also get it with whoopie slings or swap it over if you wish for the extra weight saving.

The poles are light weight aluminium and you get 5, 2 long thicker ones for the head end plus a 4" extender and 2 smaller thinner ones for the foot end.
BUT there is no bag for the poles.......??

The hammock is very well made and nicely finished.
It has a No-See-Um black integrated bug net that can be unzipped to the foot end and then tucked away in its own storage bag thats attached at the bottom of the hammock.
The bug net also has 2 lengths of 3mm shock chord with mitton hooks at either end to pull the net away from your face and feet when being used.


The saddle bags on either side of it are nicely done but as i found for me they are a bit hard to use when in the hammock as you need to shift your weight around to reach into them because they are quite deep.
They are hung on the outside of the hammock and made also from the ripstop water resistant material. They can also be accessed when the bug net is deployed because the zip runs around the outside of these bags and that is a very clever idea.
I think a bag above your head would be much easier to use as you just have to reach up.

It has a double layer that hangs down from underneath about 2-3 inches, this is so you can add a roll mat or inflatable matt instead of using a UQ if you like.
It does also come in a single layer model for you gram weenies and in a Multicam, sadly these version are no yet available from UKHammocks and only from Warbonnet themselves.

Setting it up was very easy, and having never used it before only took me 3 mins.
Only difference to using a normal hammock is you need to hang it slightly lower as when you put the poles in it lifts the material from a sag into a flat surface.

After a few trial runs of getting in and out i found out for myself just how tippy these bridge style hammock are, it need a whole new learning curve to not fall out on my face.
You can with the right amount of practice lean out to cook or grab something from the floor.

The way its designed with the longer and shorter poles is so when you lay your weight in it the extra pole at the top pulls the fabric tighter so creating a sort of pillow, and the extra (sagging) material at the foot end keeps your feet level with your body.
It is very comfortable and nearly completely flat, it even allows your feet to be apart and not squashed together.

There is no shoulder squeeze, but it does still curve in a U shape so it feels like laying on a trampoline or memory foam mattress.
I did find that being a little on the fatter side of healthy, the curves cut in the sides do close in a little forcing my elbows up when on my back, its not uncomfortable but does feel a little strange at first.


I did manage to make my Snugpak UQ fit all be it not properly but enough to work.
I will need to make a proper fitting Down UQ for this to be working at its peak.
As it was there were a few gaps along the sides and top/bottom where the quilt attached that let in a little bit of air, not enough to make me cold even in the strong winds but enough to give you a little chill every now and again.


The biggest let down has to be the lack of bag for the poles, after all the design and hard work to make such a brilliant hammock, to forget/not bother to supply a pole bag is a little ......well.....stupid.

Overall this is a very comfy and well made hammock, it will take pride of place in my kit and beats my old TW Hornet hands down on comfort.

Now i need to get sewing my UQ/TQ and Sock to really make it a winter proof setup.


Big Stu 12

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Jan 7, 2012
Nice looking hammock I have wondered how this are, and if they are better to sleepin, keep us posted if you dont mind please, thanks for sahring :)

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