Regatta Landtrekka 35L

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Jan 25, 2014
Inside the wire, Llanelli
Previously I've said here on this forum that finding a backpack is a lot like choosing a lover and you won't know what you like till that first heavy embrace.
So for your consideration read on and permit me to introduce my mistress for the last fifteen years "Regatta Landtrekka". (no, that's not a typo)

She looks a little frumpy in this shot but in fairness it was a rough day as you can see from the one above fully loaded she's quite a looker.

A curvy little thirty-five litre number that packs out well and yet still remains shapely with generous padding where it counts on the hips and shoulder straps. What really makes her special though is her back with its mesh air-flow system that gives a feeling of firm support with no side-to-side slip, always keeping you cool even when working you hard. If you've ever suffered a back-rub from a sweaty bruiser with military or tactical tendencies with you'll appreciate the pure joy this backpack gives me.

Don't be beguiled by her sensuous curves & caress into thinking she's an ultralight hikers dream, her pedigree may be civilian but her construction would make a billy-goat choke. Reinforced seams, heavy duty nylon, oversized buckles and webbing that would get a nod of approval from a car seat belt she weighs in at 1500+ grams and that's after washing the mud off. As a result can handle pretty much anything you throw in her, though she did complain bitterly about the honda 125 engine & front forks. Even when there's no more room inside for those bulky items the straps for the clamshell lid are surprisingly generous allowing sizeable loads to be carried externally before the need to reach for a bungee cord. The 'compression' straps are also longer than would be normal to help secure side loads and there's an assortment of other loops for poles and attachment points.

Pockets naturally in all the usual places with some being more practical than others depending on how stuffed the main compartment is, including one on her bottom for a rather fetching shiny black rain cover. The clamshell lid top pocket I can only describe as 'cavernous' and often spent a minute or more rummaging through it for some item or another, because there's another pocket on the under/inside of the lid you can get a bulge that hides things. Side pod/pockets, whilst they do expand could of been better and are a swine to get your hand when the pack's full in but OK for the thinner items such as maps & knives/tools etc.. I tend to use them for bulk food storage as it's the last thing you need when setting up camp and getting stuff out is easier.

The wide hip belt also lends itself well for securing go-to items such as a classic army 'kidney' style canteen and various small pouches such as MOLLE or my personal favourite the 'Blade Runner' drywall tool holster that makes for nice little dump-pouch that can also be tasked to comfortably grip a one litre bottle thanks to its elasticated sides.

Utterly charming as a day-pack and copes admirably for a 2-3 day overnighter especially in summer. Winter load-out with the bulkier items or longer trips necessitating extra food she loses some of her aesthetic appeal getting a little chubby as the sleeping bag gets relocated under the lid but on the whole carries the look well like a real professional.

I know.. you're wondering why I'm still in love with this old bag, well... you can't just pick her up any-place though her twin sister does show up on the likes of Ebay & Gumtree on occasion for around £10-20. So she's got that whole vintage charm with an air of exclusivity about her and still looks pretty good for her age but perhaps being honest I'm a peasant. Replacing kit when forced, upgrading only when something better turns up second hand and the chances of finding a Fjallraven Friluft Forest 35 in the local charity shop are pretty slim.
Dec 18, 2008
I have the very same bag, in blue, sat right here in front of me!
I bought it as a spare in 1999 as a back-up to my regular 'brand-name' bag that I used for my regular Polaris-Challenge MTB races.
Guess what, I liked it so much that it became my bag of choice for that capacity. Still is. It has accompanied me on almost every Lakeland fell since, both on foot and bike.
So comfortable and practical, my more expensive bags are gathering dust ...
It will be on Skiddaw tomorrow :)


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