Sold PRICE DROP. RAB Siltarp 2. Tarp with extras. Like new.

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Sep 6, 2011
I have this tarp for sale, used twice (and less than year old) as I grab the Siltarp 3 most of the time:

So like new, already seam sealed with McNett silicone sealant, comes with:
-sea summit drybag,
-dynema ridgeline with figure of nine and prussics with biners,
-6 x 3m long tieouts,
-bunch of alu pegs,
Everything as light and strong as possible and the whole package weights 640 grams. Tarp itself is 2.4m x 3m made from 30d silnylon and is top quality.

Dropped to £85 for the whole package including P&P.
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