PLCE Antenna carrier - side pouch

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Sep 11, 2003
I've recently acquired a slightly 'unusual' side pouch for my Sabre 45 - it's made by PRI and is labelled as a Lightweight Antenna Carrier. It is around 28" long by 9" wide and consists of a full length main pocket secured by two QR buckles and a smaller 13" pocket on the front secured by one. The main pocket securing straps are ladder stitched all down the front and in addition to the PLCE compatible zips on the back there is also a full length, adjustable carrying strap.

The only 'disadvantage' is that it is in Desert DPM; I'm more of an OG person myself! Still, it should prove very useful for subtlety securing longer items onto the 'sac.

Can anyone enlighten me as to what was originally carried in these (antennae for radios I assume)? The main pocket is very deep - you could easily fit an axe, a couple of dozen tent poles and a fishing rod and still have room so they must have been either very large or very numerous!

Also, unlike Rocket pouches, there aren't clips to back up the zips - has anyone ever experienced zip-only pouches started to come undone with movement? I guess a clue here would be in the 'Lightweight' bit - don't pack too much in!

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Jul 8, 2014
I made something very similar in MTP. I bought a pair of old torn goretex trousers, sewed up the bottom, added some of the correct zips and a buckle over top.

Nice low profile water proofish side pocket, this was before I had a sewing machine. So they did not look great but worked a treat. It would probably be quite easy to make a longer version like these in MTP or OG ( I have an old OG Goretex bivi bag I use for material)

I might even have a play at making one, I might even have some of the correct clips to add to the back.
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Mar 24, 2019
If there is a 13 didgit part number on it you could try google for some more info. You could try contacting PRI. They are a UK based company who produce kit for the MOD amongst other things.

There is various bits of kit involved with ECM Electronic Counter Measures, these are recent developments and are constantly evolving so there are carrying cases/pouches being developed to attach these to rucksacks/Bergens ect that are already in cirrculation. As it and the contents were light then I presume there was no need to have the belt and braces option of adding clips. I cant see it being too much hassle to add some clips. Some folk have tried dying desert bags, with mixed results. Some have come out quite well and look like MTP Multi Terrain Pattern. Is it Cordura type material construction?

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