OneTigris Black Orca Smokey Hut

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Apr 7, 2016
I'm finding my kit splitting into 2 camps...sorry for the pun: 1 cotton, heavy, surplus, the other, lightweight and compact....horses for courses?
Anyway, the latter has bought me to lightweight tents and tarps, which of necessity are not cotton or canvas, which is delightful to camp with or sleep under....oh well.....
In this case, after a canoe wild camp with someone who used one......I was impressed with the compactness, simplicity (tipi design) and lightness of the One Tigris Smokey Hut, so much so, I obtained one.......

It is an extremely lightweight silnylon tipi tent, about 10 foot in diameter. It has a waterproof zip entrance, but the tent can be opened right up. What it comes with, I'll come to in a minute, but what it doesn't come with is any groundsheet. Apart from saving weight, this allows the use of a woodburner in the tent (it comes with a flue flap) and OneTigris sell separately a full size mozzie inner with integral groundsheet. I bought a 1/2 size (1man) aftermarket one for about £10 plus? These inners tie up to a hanging hook in the apex. This is poorly stitched (started coming away) and was quickly and easily strengthened at home. The stitching on the shelter itself otherwise, seems good with load points reinforced/cross bar sewn.
What does it come with? Well a lightweight folding alloy centre pole, good quality alloy cross section pegs and guy lines. Now, for whatever reason, OneTigris see fit to supply pegs for the periphery of the tent, but only some for the mid height stabilising guys, and not all the guylines either? Why?
When pegged out on the fine elastic bungees around the base (adequate but I changed them for something marginally thicker), and all guylines pegged out it is remarkably stable in strong winds. Also the quoted 2000/3000mm (depending on the ad.) hydrostatic head shrugged off some summer storms utterly.
It also has an exterior hanging loop if required. Whilst at the apex, 2 mesh covered cowls are there, but with nothing to keep them open, so I stuff a small piece of foam under the cowls. Plenty of ventilation from underneath and the doors though?
I don't intend to use it as a hot tent, though many do, but as an extremely light and compact back packing tent, it takes some beating? It and the ancillary mozzie inner, or a selection of others, are available heavily discounted from AliExpress.......
Very roomy, lightweight and compact.

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