New line suggestions for the Scout shop

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Thought I'd post this for your information. On the Escouts forum there is a section were you can post queries and questions to Wayne Bulpitt who is the United Kingdom Chief Commissioner and who looks after Scouting on a day by day basis. It is a credit to him to do this.

In the current issue of Scouting there are two articles from members of Frontier bushcraft; one by Paul Kirtley (who is also contributing to the next issue), and scout leader and instructor Barry Smith. Now in the latters article there is mention of Moras and Laplander saws and where to get them.

Well I'd pondered making contact to suggest that the official Scout shop should consider stocking some more bushcrafty type of kit and this was the spur to make me put er... mouse to mat.

So I'll throw this out to you learned folk...Are there any other lines to consider? I think I've been sensible in what I've suggested because it's a Scout shop, not a bushcraft shop but I'd be interested to hear. I'll be linking this thread to the email I send in so sensible answers please! :D
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