Mystery hammer

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Full Member
May 1, 2008
Not really an edged tool I know, but the wisdom is here, I am sure !
what sort of hammer is this ? Head weighs about 7 oz, cannot seem to find anything like it on ghe places I have looked. Closest seems to be a brick hammer but surely its too light ?
Wisdom appreciated !

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Oliver G

Full Member
Sep 15, 2012
Melbourne, Derbyshire
At 7oz it looks like a jewellers cross peen hammer or it could be used for model engineering. It's not normal to see a peen raised up like that, it's normally in the middle of the head.
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Oct 6, 2003
Could it be a form of geological hammer. They are in a few forms and weights.
Not with a head that shape.

Some sort of cross peen. Side view makes it hard to tell how wide the peen part is. If it were significantly wider than the rest of the head, it would look like a flooring hammer.

this one mentions 18oz, which makes the one in question seem light.

Could be for starting tacks in corners, but the tack hammers seem to have a different head, and much narrower in all dimensions, to fit into smaller spaces perhaps.

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British Red

M.A.B (Mad About Bushcraft)
Dec 30, 2005
My guess would be a picture framing or glazier's hammer.
Its just the type we used picture framing when I was young. Laid flat against the back of the glass, mount & backboard to tap in pins prior to taping up. I've used them reglazing single glazed windows laid against the glass inside the rebate to tap in pins prior to puttying.

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