Mil-Tec Flecktarn Plane Tarp - First impressions

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Sep 28, 2004
Well that's a coincidence! I had ordered another item from Amazon -- the Tatonka Lastenkraxe - to be fulfilled through Camo Outdoor. I got an email to say it had shipped, so I was all excited, and then I waited. Eventually, and without any explanation or prompting from me, I got a refund notice from Amazon. They just called it an "account adjustment". So this explains that then!

Thank you Erhard!

Nic Le Becheur

Sep 10, 2015
I have just had a full refund from CamoOutdoor - The Sports & Camouflage Outfitters on Amazon (I did not request a refund).
So, I will not be getting my tarp.

A couple of weeks ago I too ordered a bit of kit from CamoOutdoor, order status marked as despatched within 24 hours, nothing for a week, then notice of a refund. They seem to advertise stock they don't actually have, and from what I've subsequently read here and elsewhere they are a complete waste of time and best avoided.



Feb 15, 2014
In defence of CamoOutdoors last year I ordered an item from them and received an email saying there may be a delay. The next day said item arrived.

I ordered again in the beginning of February and this time delivery was about a week late (Amazon did get in touch to say item was late and that no money had been debited and gave me the chance to cancel the order) I decided to wait as it was a bargin price.

I dont think CamoOutdoors are scammers just a bit ineffective/inefficent. They can be very good on price just don't order something if you need it in a hurry.
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Mar 15, 2011
on the heather
Hi folks, another "account adjustment" here from Amazon so a big CHEERS to Amazon for sorting that out :).... and to CamoOutdoor U suck big time......:nono:
PS anyone got a good source for a tarp?
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