Marshall Masuria Canoe 2017, Poland

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Bushcraft Canoe trip with children.

Place: Masuria, Poland
Time: 5-7 days in July/August 2017 (planning)

Canoeing, campings, bushcraft, campfires. All what we love. :)

Adults with children, so - an alcohol and curse prohibited (not fully). :)

Non-commercial, social, closed group trip.
Everyone is responsible for themselves, their children and equipment. No guarantees, no insurance.

Of course I will help you in PL as far as my ability.

More info in the next weeks.

Previous trips:


Report (PL):


Report (PL):


Report (PL):

Anyone interested?
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OK, there are some details...

The initial plan
Canoe trip on Czarna Hańcza River (ńcza )
Start: Wigry Lake
Finish: Perkuć Sluice/Lock
Distance: approximately 70 km
Duration: 6-7 days, including two days without flow
Date: to be determined (July / August 2017)

Direct link to the trip map:

...there will be...
Canoes, campings, campfires, Kelly Kettle, tarps, hammocks, tents, knives, axes, forests, wild nature, etc.... And more, more, more...
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