Made a camp chair stand

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Mar 9, 2009
Yesterday I knocked up a support for my camping chair to stop it sinking, I've been using tennis balls on the feet since I first bought the chair a couple of years ago., They work great, but I want the space the 4 balls take up in my pack.

I made it out of some 600D canvas I had. No measuring, I just marked where the feet sit, drew a square and cut around it with enough to sew a hem.


That's the under side, you can see the diagonal where I sewed and glued on a piece to reinforce it.


The top half, I sewed triangles for the legs to grip onto in each corner.

Yes I know my little cheap sewing machines tension was miles off, it was set to much thinner material, doesn't really matter as this will take a beating anyway.


Holds it tightly. I'm happy with it, it'll also easily fit in the bag with the chair, the balls wouldn't.

But today I saw I had enough off cuts of some 4oz a yard ripstop to try it out of that, so basically made the same thing again. Interesting if its strong enough.



I used the button stitch to do a strong zig-zag stitch on each corner for extra strength as the 3 settings of zig-zags my machine has aren't as tight as the button setting.


Rolls down to nothing too!

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