Lucozade BodyFuel Powder Sachets


Aug 5, 2008
Hertford, Hertfordshire
Does anyone know anywhere I can get hold of any Lucozade BodyFuel Powder Sachets? I used to buy boxes of the orange flavour to take out with me, especially in summer, but I can't find anyone selling them anymore. I know I could buy a tub and measure it out into smaller quantities but the sachets were really handy. I know about the NUNN alternatives but I don't like them as much and they don't have any carbs. There are still sachets in ration packs I think, but I can't find a vendor. Any ideas?
Oct 23, 2012
Skidby, Cottingham.
You should look at or

they have loads of stuff similar to what you mentioned.

The Bewell one has own brand sachets of b fuel, at a very good price