Knot Booklet

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Honest Outrage

Sep 4, 2015
That's awesome! I don't think i have ever tied an "official" knot in my life!! As long as it works, i'm happy, usually!! i think it is about time i learnt some actual knots. Going to check this out later, but if all the other comments are anything to go buy...... i should be learning in no time!


May 16, 2016
I love this booklet. The pictures are really good and very easy to follow. I'm well impressed with the text you've included and I've learnt a great deal from your work. Thanks for posting. Good job. :)


Jan 12, 2014
Thanks to Sailing_Swagman, davegreg, pinkfaery, Honest Outrage, country boy, mvmbushcraft, jackcbr, bgreen and Kitharode. Glad you liked it.

Robson Valley

Full Member
Nov 24, 2014
McBride, BC
I was expected to learn and use more than a dozen knots, as a kid, on camping trips in Northern Canada. Ropes and boats.
Suppose you had to pick no more than 10 from your book for a kid to both learn and use on a dry land camping trip.
What are they?
In my opinion, you left out a couple (such as a sheep shank) that are rather useful depending on camp locations.

However. What you have written is far, far better than most. A copy for the house and a copy for the trek.
Every day and night = practice to make them look both easy and finished.


Jan 12, 2014
Choose 10? The booklet started out with 10!

The only use for a sheep shank is to shorten a hoisting rope (when the cargo is larger than usual) in order to avoid reweaving it through the pulley blocks.
It has no modern application despite its regular appearance in every scout and knot book.
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Bushcrafter (boy, I've got a lot to say!)
Jan 25, 2011
North Yorkshire, UK
well spotted david1, if the end exits on the outside it is not technically the standard bowline, that version is sometimes called the cowboy bowline, ashley book of knots state this is distinctly inferior to the standard bowline, in the climbing world and naval world you would be chastised and told it was wrong to tie it that way, my father served in the Royal Navy during the war and taught me various knots and insisted the bowline should always finish with the end on the inside. i have heard it said that the knot is more prone to slippage with the end exiting on the outside but i'm not sure if there is any evidence to support that, Fig19 is a bowline 'variation' of which there are many but not the 'bowline' per se. ATB :)
I had a book of climbing knots which showed a bowline with end on the outside, it said to tie it this way so it could be undone (but it also said never to use bowline to secure a person, use double figure8).
End on the inside means the knot is less vulnerable to being 'upset' by something catching the end and inverting the knot.


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Jun 14, 2016
Cool, only just spotted this.
Been meaning to learn more than just tarp related knots for ages.
This sounds like a good start.
I'll read through a bit later, thank you !