For Sale Offers Accepted! Top-End Jackets: Fjallraven, Sasta, Swedteam, Nomad

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May 4, 2009
Update: please feel free to make me an offer on any of these (cash, not trades).

Following some heavy-duty dieting this year (4 stone and counting), I've taken the decision to sell the very best of my jackets. These are all hardly-used and in wonderful condition from a non-smoking home. I appreciate I'm flooding the market with top-end kit here, so I'm minded not to discount much, they'll go to eBay if there's no interest. Sales only, no trades, because I need the money to buy smaller ones!

First up, a Fjallraven Smock No 1 XXL in dark olive. This needs no introduction, you know what it is. Has been worn for rifle shooting twice in dry weather conditions, given a wash at 30 degrees to freshen it, but not re-waxed. Otherwise in as-new condition, free of marks, nicks etc. Pit-to-pit 26", neck to hem 36". These are retailing for £640, yours for £375 posted. NOW SOLD

Next we have a Sasta Wolf jacket in XXL. A fantastic very waterproof Goretex jacket in a silent and soft polyester micro fibre shell with a breathable mesh liner. Includes the extra removable hood, adjustable collar, reinforced shoulders, zip pockets, radiophone pocket, resting pockets, spacious hem pockets, adjustable waist, adjustable hem, velcro cuffs. I think this is possibly the best goretex jacket I've ever owned and I'll almost certainly buy one in a smaller size if I can find it (they're getting hard to come by, only the lined thermo version is around which is too heavy for my liking). Worn for a day's rough shooting and some dog walks, given a cool wash in Nikwak goretex wash. Completely free of marks, stains, nicks etc. Pit-to-pit 27", neck to hem 36". These retail for £399 + £50 for the hood, yours for £195 posted. NOW £175 SOLD

Then we have a Swedteam Ultra Light Pro Anorak (smock) size 50. Similar to the very popular Ridgeline smocks, but in my opinion the better garment, this is a very light, very silent full-length smock with integrated hood, neoprene cuffs, side vents, big front pouch and hand warmer pockets, and breast pockets. All fitted with waterproof zips. Made in a soft and silent fabric with Covertex lining, I've worn it once for a wet dog walk and it was fantastic. Pit-to-pit 27", neck to hem 40". Retail price is £249, yours for £149 posted. NOW £135 SOLD

Finally, but best of all, I have a Nomad UK jacket and gilet. You might not have come across this particular brand, but their kit is absolutely outstanding, made in the UK. They use a fleece laminate to create a warm, highly breathable and very waterproof fabric - essentially as soon as water hits the fleece it expands (in much the same manner as ventile) and seals against the elements. I only bought the jacket last year and it's been worn just once for a driven shoot in the most horrendous rain, and it kept me dry as a bone. Once sold, I will be ordering exactly the same jacket from them but in two sizes down.

We have a Nomad UK Allrounder jacket size XXL in Argyll & Grampian fleece tweed. It's a really subtle pattern, looks olive from a distance and the tweed comes through when you're closer. Features breast pockets, bellows pockets, hand warmer pockets, clips to keep bellows pockets open for shooting, reverse poachers pocket, moleskin collar. Equally at home for shooting, stalking, bushcraft or dog walking, and so much nicer than the standard Musto-style tweed shooting coat. Absolutely mint condition. Pit-to-pit 28", neck to hem 38". Retail on these is £565, yours for £375 posted. NOW £345 (which is an insane bargain for something as good as this)

Finally, a Nomad UK Gilet size XL in Argyll & Grampian fleece tweed. The partner to the jacket, this is effective at keeping you both warm and dry in changeable weather. Features the same bellows pockets, bellows clips, hand warmer pockets and moleskin collar. Worn only for dog walks, and in pristine condition. Pit-to-pit 26", neck to hem 35". Retail is £275, yours for £145 posted. NOW £130


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May 4, 2009
Thank you, I hadn't actually put much on in recent years, just been sitting at 'seriously porky' and saw myself in a set of wedding photos in June which were the last straw. My next heap of sales will be a load of unworn/hardly worn Fjallraven and Sasta trousers...

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