Knitting Question

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Jan 21, 2005
S. Lanarkshire
Write it out longhand.
The numbers within the [ ] brackets refer to the different sizes. So if she's working on the 27 sts version, she can just ignore the [3:1, 3:1] bits entirely.

That means that her pattern should read…..
Cast on 27sts,
1st Row, Knit 27 stitches
2nd Row, Knit 1 stitch, (then there's an *, just use that as a marking point for the following instructions) yarn forward (makes a stitch), knit three together, yarn forward, Knit 1 stitch. Now there's another *, and those instructions within the * are the repeat pattern until the last stitch which is just Knit 1.

Basically it's Knit 1 (K, make, knit3tog, make, K) and repeat this to the last stitch which is knitted.
I make it 27 stitches.

No idea if I've helped or not ? it's easier to draw it out sometimes.
I think she's not making the new stitch at the yarn forward bits. Five pattern repeats of two stitches either side of the K3tog makes ten stitches and that's what she's missing in the final count.


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