Knife making grinder

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Rambo Rees

Full Member
Aug 15, 2020
Hi ladies and gentlemen
I'm starting to get into knifemaking (reprofiling stock knives or full tang blade blanks and adding wood or micarta scales etc)
I really can't justify a 2x72 (at this stage at least).
At the moment I'm wedging a normal powered belt sander into a vice and getting ok ish results (it's variable speed is a plus).
Do you kind folk have any suggestions on something to tie me over?
Saw this on Pinterest (an upside down belt sander bodge) which may be an option to fabricate?

As I have numerous uses for them.. I will invest in a pillar drill and bandsaw soon (suggestions on power old vs new etc re these greatly appreciated)

Apologies - this thread is a bit open ended but basically any suggestions welcome. Even best belt and hand sanding papers, hand files etc?


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Feb 13, 2016
A lot would depend on what you have to spend, in reality wasting your money on rubbish things in the long run does not pay, try to avoid chinesium grinders they very seldom are worth the money, and very seldom will they do a decent job.

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