How to blend into the background?

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Robson Valley

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Nov 24, 2014
McBride, BC
He gets a 'C' grade. The face sticks out. Cover that with a layer of black window screen ( fly screen? fly wire?). It's non reflective, insect proof and won't block a breeze or a fart. Two layers works OK. With a hot glue gun, an easy fix.

I know from stage craft that front-lit, on stage, the actor's face can't be seen behind a single layer of black. As long as the character keeps moving, the audience can't define facial features.

Could we paint up a white canvas tradespersons overalls to look like brickwork?
Metric or Imperial sized bricks? How long could you hide by the skips in a city in broad daylight? Maybe a concrete color?


Aug 30, 2015
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Limey Pete

Jun 20, 2021
pnom, penh
Just a couple of points.
If anyone is about and might see you, camp with the setting sun behind you.
In the morning and you think the farmer will come through a field gate, camp so that you are between the gate and the rising sun.
I was once sleeping on the edge of a freight yard, and the railroad police drove past me. They looked straight at me, but I was not seen because the rising sun was behind me.
To just sleep, stretch out in the centre of a flat wide open area. Nobody will expect you to be there.
They will expect you to be hidden among trees, bushes, and rocks. However you must be gone at first light.


Bushcrafter (boy, I've got a lot to say!)
Mar 5, 2018
Once I slept on a pretty small sport ground in Lyon because I discovered too late that the hostel was full there and couldn't get out of the town by bus anymore.

I didn't try to hide myself, just slept in the probably the less disturbing corner.

In the morning I went to the guard, told him that I slept there and asked if I may use the showers.
He was very surprised that he didn't see me, because he came along there already three times this morning.
I just slept in the OD British army bivvy bag on the lawn.

You really need to pay attention that the farmers don't drive over you.
That's one of the reasons, why I recommend the corners of the hedges.

Robson Valley

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Nov 24, 2014
McBride, BC
That's just happened in Vancouver, BC. Somebody driving down a back alley in the business district drove over a homeless man, killing him. Apparently, his appearance matched the other rubbish in the lane.
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Bolton Andy

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Jul 7, 2021
This is a very interesting topic and there is some good reading amoungst this thread. For me I don't take it to serious, I cant take it serious as I always have my dog with me but thats not to say I go round cracking cans open, lighting fires and cooking steakes and stir fry.

The clothing I ware is olive green, shirt, pants and coat my bag is olive green too however, my tarp is woodland camo made by Aqua as I find this best suited for the type of woodland I choose to stay. I do have a tent but when using this its usually hidden in a river bank well out of site. As for LNT, well, in my humble opinion, this is an impossible task but one can do his best to minimise the impact of his stay and that's all one can do. Lighting a fire is great but the left overs can only attract other people to carry out the same activity as you thus limiting the number of choices you have when choosing somewhere to stay in the future. For me its all about being out there, nothing more nothing less x

Spirit fish

Aug 12, 2021
So assuming that one has secured permission from a landowner to camp on their land, be it for a single night or a few days, what are the best ways to blend into the background of the countryside to have more of a chance of viewing wildlife and avoid attracting attention of other people so as to avoid being disturbed?

Most of the time I will be either bivvying with or without a tarp depending on weather or using a small tent like the Vango Banshee 200 and will be striving to keep noise and movement to a minimum. I should add that most of the time I will be in and around the Snowdonia/Arthog area so more open land and less forest.

If anyone knows of any decent camping spots around Arthog then that would be epic :) !

Thanks in advance!

EDIT: I should note that I am in the UK and so I will be attemping to blend into that type of landscape.
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