Hi, Gringo from Berkshire here.

Apr 25, 2017
Hello and thanks for accepting me into the community.

My name is Gringo (not what my parents named me, obviously) and I live in West Berkshire, around the Newbury area.

I've been interested in bushcraft and survival since I was a kid and have since served a full career in the British Army as a Royal Engineer, but the opportunities to practice skills were not as common as one might imagine. I finished my regular service three years ago but am still serving as a Reservist. My day job is now in the Civil Service teaching soldiers to become navigation experts. I am active as an outdoor pursuits instructor for the Army and also teach climbing, basic bushcraft, and outdoor skills to kids as part of Activity Team West Berkshire.

I am hoping to improve my skills and knowledge in bushcraft and intend to take a series of courses to become an instructor so that I can pass them on. I am passionate about getting children into the outdoor environment and instilling in them the love for nature and outdoor activities that seems to be getting lost in modern society.

Thanks again for having me.



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Nov 11, 2004
Wokingham UK
Welcome to the virtual campfire, pull up a log and sit a while. I must warn you to stay away from the makers area if you value your wallet, there's far too many lovely things there!