Help with a bowdrill survey?

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Hi guys,

Spent a happy Saturday to day doing a few bits of bushcraft (as you do), and decide to test out a few different timbers I had collected after one of those giant storms a few weeks back blew all the trees down. I thought what might be handy would be a table of the qualities of each wood for bowdrilling. I know there are lists of good timbers in books such as RM's Bushcraft, but I am talking about a more in depth sort of study, ie compatibility with other wood, drying time, speed of which you can achieve ember, reliability when damp etc.

However, I thought it would be easier and more reliable if more than person tested each combination - in order to take an average. Therefore, I am seeing if anyone would be interested in helping out?

Am just gauging interest here but I think this idea could rapidly develop :)


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