Help a luddite out please

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I recently dipped my toe into recording videos using my phone and bravely/foolishly shared it on Ig.
One comment suggested a lapel microphone (politely i have to say)
I'm shooting on my phone
1 because i have it on me
2 i dont want to lug a load of extra stuff
3 I'm skint so i dont want to spend excess cash on a whole new set up.

that said
Can anyone recommend something that fits the following criteria

*wireless- i dont want to rig a mic to me then to the phone i am clumsy i already know what will happen

*good quality sound recording

* small and discrete

*compatible with Samsung S9

* ecomomical in price

*decent battery life

Open to suggestions preferably with links to the suggestions.

Thanks in advance


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Jan 18, 2009
Mid Wales
You need to search for a Bluetooth Lapel Microphone - but, unfortunately, they're not dirt cheap; the lowest price one that I'm aware of is around £50 but ebay may have cheaper ones.

Alternatively, if you're prepared to wear a headset, there may be cheaper Bluetooth headsets with built-in mics
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Apr 16, 2009
Edit the thread title to “Bluetooth lapel mic needed”? It doesn’t even hint at what you’re after or what you want to record. There are a few here who post good videos, nobby8126 being an example. Ask him what he uses, he’s a right skinflint. :D
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Feb 13, 2016
You probably need to get into editing too, a lot will depend on how you are making the video, a lot use a stick with the phone/camera on the end, and there is room to mount a mike on that, I must admit one of the most irritating videos are the ones where the sound is far too low, and make it very hard to follow.
seek advice through reviews, utube, etc, and get the best you can afford.


Jan 19, 2004
a Dictaphone type machine in your pocket with a lapel mic .
it's a bit of a pain as the 2 files are separate but you can bring the video in and audio too.
people often use a hand clap as a clapper board effect at the beginning so you can sync the 2 tracks easily.
then you just treat it as normal re editing


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Jan 18, 2009
Mid Wales
Something like this maybe? Quality is decent, it's what I use. Can also be used as a set or single. Mic is built into the earpiece. Not so good in the wind though.
Couldn't MOT just clip the earpiece to his lapel? - maybe even with a foam wind guard around it? - that looks like a decent option.