Planning Hebridean adventure!


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I've not neen around for a while, mostly on account of family and work comitments which have imoacted upon my ability to get out and about.

Being lucky enough to spend several weeks a year in the Hebrides, I get some good opportunities to fish and forage aong some pristine coastline.

Having been a few weeks in the planning, my mini adbenture this Summer is an end to end walk of Jura. Measuring just short of 30 miles long and 8 miles wide at it's widest point, it's scarcely populated by only about 200 people or thereabouts, Jura offers an opportunity to experience some very wild and remote terrain whilst remaining fairly accesible.

Road access to the Corryvrecka end of Jura is extremely difficult, so, assisted by Bob Henry at Jura Boat Tours, I've arranged to be dropped off from the sea at Corryvreckan from where I plan to walk generally down the West coast of the Island over two or three days.

One of the challemges of traversing Jura like this, is that it's bisected almost completely by Loch Tarbert which means a significan diversion to follow the shoreline, the benefits however of pristine beaches, populations of seals, dolphins and whales hopefully compensate for this.

Whilst I've visited Jura before, and kayaked along the coast, I've not previously undertaken any multi day trips here.

Part of my reasoning is that I want to test a couple of bits of new kit, specifically my Alpkit Hunka bivvy bag which I'll be using in conjunction with my Hilleberg tarp to see if it's any improvement over my old MOD issue bivvy bag.

Hopefully, if the weather is kind to me I should get some good images, which I'll try and post up when I get back.




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Disappointingly, the current weather situation has meant that my journey across Jura will have to be delayed. It's been too rough to get the boat out and conditions are unlikely to improve much over the next couple of days.
For now I'm going to carry on with some days out foraging in some of the more sheltered corners of Islay, and plan for another attempt next Spring.

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Cheers, you're right, my route along the West coast of the Island is exposed to much of the weather coming through this week.
Luckily, it's turning into a decent mushroom season, so some good options on Islay for the rest of this week.
Every cloud etc.