Heavy Duty Trolley

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Feb 8, 2010
Last Thursday we ventured down to sunny Sussex to join the forest knights on the one off mini moot. Waynes site is lovely, but not one you can park in the middle of and requires a small bimble around the edge of a ploughed field.

I fancied an offroad style of trolley, but felt £70 was probably a bit much and I was concerned it wouldn't collapse small enough for transport. What I did find was this on ebay:

Red "Parker brand" heavy Duty Foldable Garden Trolley.

Frankly I was chuffed. I had some stuff to move about at the hackspace (like aircon units) which are bulky and a pain on the back so gave it a run. The sparkies that came did have a good laugh at it, but quickly realised it took all their gear and was no effort carrying it back to the car and asked for a link to buy one for themselves for site. This thing really does take +100kg with no trouble (about the weight of me, 'cos I rode it around a bit) and if you properly load it, it happily eats up the bumpy path round fields as well. It's sold as a festival wagon, but frankly it took 50ltrs of water across fairly poor terrain and up a steep embankment without any sort of worry. One of the mini mooters had bought the more expensive version I was looking at. Sadly it'd lost a split pin and got a puncture I think either before it was out of the box or certainly on its way over to the campsite.

No assembly is required and it worked just out of the box
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Nov 16, 2019
Vantaa, Finland
I do understand why you use that but I got an image in my mind of my:
Honda wheelbarrow with rubber tracks and 3 kW engine, takes 500 kg into amazing places.


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Apr 16, 2009
That looks alright Tim. At the moment I’m using an inherited electric golf trolley which is brilliant. I’ll be looking to replace it it some point, I give it hell on rough ground and off the track, but it’s built for smooth surfaces, it can’t last forever.

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