Heads up - Auction of Outdoor Gear


Aug 30, 2006
Nr Chester
The auctioneers or the liquidators? You do realise they are the ones selling the stuff?
Not a clue, I followed the link, googled the site and got poor reports. Happy to be told different as there are possibly bargains to be had. If you know different please chip in with info.


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Nov 21, 2015
Just out of range
Very sad, Likeys in Brecon was an outdoors shop with a particular focus on fellrunning and lightweight kit for ultra-distance events with a level of knowledge and expertise way ahead of the big chains.

Just another local high street casualty - very difficult to compete with the big discounters and online sales.

The website and FB page have all gone but there used to be some great vids from the manageress and a heartbreaking one showing them emptying the shop and having a bit of a rant. Here is one from happier times.

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