Wanted GoOutdoors Mantua Delux Moonchair

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Dec 7, 2003
West Sussex
its a bit pathetic really.

The Bushmoot shows one all sorts of shiny and Gucci kit and what do I leave with a burning passion to own. 2 Delux moonchairs.

Thanks Sargy.

I ordered a pair from GoOutdoors and drive to Southampton to collect them. Only to learn that GoOutdoors website bears no relationship to actual stock levels. A fruitless 70 mile drive and no chairs.
Then a half day on the phone telephoning every store from Canterbury to Cardiff and I mean every store. To see if a human could find these elusive beasts. No joy.

So my dear forum folk. To keep senior minion first class happy I am in dire need to two of these thrones.

Being short and stout these chairs are surprisingly comfortable and robust.

So if anyone is passing a local go outdoors could they be so kind as to check if they have any. I would be happy to bank transfer the pennies. They aren’t cheap.

Either we could arrange collection or shipping.


I’m based in West Sussex.


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Apr 16, 2009
They’re showing as out of stock across the board. But only Southampton allows an actual purchase. This is probably the screen you saw? Basingstoke shows no stock though so the transaction can’t be made.

Good luck, I can see the appeal.