FOUND - Fallkniven F1 Micarta

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Jul 1, 2020
Surrey... near a tree :)
I was punting around for one of these a while ago before I got my lovely BRKT Fox River.

However I have since Decided I still might fancy putting one of these on rotation with my Bark River. As it was one of my first ever proper knives and I’m getting all nostalgic ..

Looking for a fallkniven F1 micarta variant
I am only really after the old skool original black micarta VG10 (no shield) as this is what I used to have many moons ago..
or maybe even a san-mai F1L3Ggm if the price is within my reach.

Might be persuaded into a maroon micarta version but not as keen on these.
Not interested in the ivory micarta or any etched blade variants. Just simply don’t like them.

Used is fine as long as the edge is not too far gone. Will be a user.

Am not in any particular rush, but If you got one you might want to move on then lets talk turkey .

Thanks for looking.

PH x

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