eze-lap model 51 or 56 ?!

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a few month ago i posted a thread, asking for advice regarding my search for a new pocket whetstone. so far i haven't ""pulled the trigger"" (for various reasons)....

recently i stumbled across eze-lap's website and found the model 51 and model 56(= basically the 51 with leather pouch) which would be perfect in size for me for edc pocket carry (i plan to use it to touch up my knifes, axe, nata and parang with it when ""out in the field"")--- either the fine (600grit) or superfine (1200grit) version;
fine seems to be the equivalent of the diamond side of the fallkniven DC4 and the fine side of the gransfors axe puck....
as i also have a specialized benchstone for my carving chisels in 1000 grit (which i do not carry with me "" in the field:rolleyes:), so i'm leaning towards the 600grit....

(what i have not found anywhere yet is the thickness and weight of the stone....)

has anyone experience with this stone and if yes: what's the quality of it?!

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