Withdrawn Enzo Trapper 95 Scandi D2 Black Micarta handled by me.

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Aug 18, 2005
Kit bought from Brisa with dark/black micarta and red liners in 2012.

Hasn't had a great deal of use as I find the handle a little small. Not very pretty but should be a good user.

Build thread here: https://bushcraftuk.com/community/threads/enzo-trapper-build-kit-glue-scales.94071/

Dont think i have the original photobucket pics anymore.

Comes with 2 Brisa double dangle sheaths, which are not the greatest but work.

Will need Proof of age Please. I need to check how this is done these days for sharps.

£55 Delivered by courier to mainland UK. Bank transfer Only please. (no PayPal). No returns.

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Mar 5, 2018
Are you able to try out if it fits into a Nalgene stainless steel bottle if the knife is in the simple sheath (without ferrocerium rod loop)?

This knife was the longest scandi grind knife we could imagine that it fits in there.
We discussed the options for a bottle survival kit in another thread.

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