Easy Hammock Classic Review?

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Apr 12, 2008
Good evening everyone,

I was wondering if any of you have used any of the easy hammock products? I have only been able to find one review (on here actually) and no video reviews on YouTube. I really like the look of them! The insulated one looks good but I already have a couple of underquilts so dont want to waste having them therefore I think the classic is the one for me! Unfortunately I dont have the facility to "try before you buy" because none of my friends own one. I was wondering if any of you also happen to have used one with the integrated UQ hooks and how well they keep the UQ snug all round you without any air gaps? I have a snugpak uq. Id be looking at a XL one because im 6ft2 so was also wondering do you think id still get away with a DD 3x3 tarp or would i need to upgrade to a bigger one? It looks amazing and there are a few design features that I think make it far better than a hennessy and all the other manufacturers seem to be stateside and so you'd get battered with import duty! If I do end up getting one ill make sure and post a detailed review to help spread the word because since theres no videos obviously not enough people have them!! My two mates also each have youtube channels with over 10,000 subscribers so ill make sure they do a video haha. Definitely need to get our uk makers competing with the big manufacturers in my opinion! The other one ive noticed is napsack hammocks i just don't like how that doesn't have an integrated bug net! They're only about 40-50 quid though for an 11ft hammock with a SRL which to me seems damn good value! Anyway im blabbering now. Back onto topic. Anyone got experience with EasyHammock classic!? :)


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