Dartmoor knife build

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Space and time
Apr 25, 2009
After wanting one as a kid and about 35yrs on (last week)I made the decision to purchase one of the unground Wilkinson sword Dartmoor knife blanks available. I have limited resources for grinding, a small hobbiest bench belt sander and an angle grinder with linishing discs for profiling the blade. It wasn't to bad to do and with a bucket of water next to me to keep the blade cool all went well. I handled the knife with some pear wood I had and an oak packing piece on the underside to accommodate the shape of the tang. I wet formed the sheath and left the back open to save it getting trashed by the saw back (waiting for press studs to arrive for the retaining straps) Anyway, here's the end result.....

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Mar 17, 2021
That looks like a Nice Piece of work Well Done.
I bought the same blank but took off the saw edge, I like your idea of leaving the sheath clean on the back so as not to damage it. A lot of processes were undertaken to make the saw edge, so keeping it does make some sense. I've used it as well and it is adequate for small branches.
I'd like to see more pictures of the sheath in how you designed that part.


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