Dandelion honey

Aug 4, 2020
I make this a few times each spring with my daughter, it's a fun thing to do and it tastes pretty good too.

We tend to use 200 Dandelion heads (you can just use the petals for a slightly cleaner taste) with 700ml of water and 700g of sugar - This makes 2 standard jars of honey

Pro tips: Pick the dandelions at midday/full sunlight and don't wash them as you want all the pollen. Just give them a shake and leave then out in the sun for 30 mins to allow anything living to crawl away.

Also when reducing the syrup, to test consistency, put some on a spoon and allow it to cool on the side for a couple of mins.
It's easy to over reduce and the syrup will be runnier that you would think when it's actually ready (it obviously thickens up as it cools down).



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Mar 20, 2013
My better half started to make this this year, and it is delicious, although the recipe wasn't sourced from the same source as above though.


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Jan 18, 2009
Mid Wales
Could it be made with other flowers?

Yes you can. Made with gorse flowers there is a slight coconut taste (and gorse is still in blossom now :)) - but you can mix the flowers as well - adding a little jasmine gives a beautiful scented flavour.

I must make some now! :)