COVID changes to your life?

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Full Member
Jan 10, 2006
Thats good news, Woody.

I had the AZ, no idea i that better.

But I will be having my second in a couple of months time, as will Dad, and we can (think about) going out a bit.

Actually, apart from the research issues im pretty content at home


Dec 30, 2019
For me Covid has taught me I have but one life and I must live it to the best of my abilities, of which means ; more play less work, for I think we have been lulled into this belief that we exist to work.


M.A.B (Mad About Bushcraft)
Jan 15, 2011
Early last year (pre pandemic) I was scheduled for the kidney surgery I posted about. It was delayed about a month and a half until April. Shortly after that pretty much everything opened back up; we even had a pretty good Mother’s Day brunch in Destin. The only real changes are I wear a mask when indoors away from home but even then, I remove it once I’ve been seated at a restaurant (I usually re-don it if I make another trip to the buffet line) Also some meetings and classes have gone to Zoom: the amateur radio club has in person meetings with zoom participation for those afraid to come out, Church services are still in person but the Sunday School and studies (children’s and adults’) are all on Zoom. The bars reopened long ago but I haven’t frequented them in at least a couple of decades.

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