Sold Cold Steel Tomahawk custom mod by JimmyPie

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Aug 30, 2011
South West UK
Commissioned this a while ago from JimyPie but relocation and 'other factors' are forcing me to clear out nice things :(

He has taken it down to a lighter, easier to carry length, shaved some weight it, reprofiled the edge slightly and produced a very packable lightweight hawk for chucking in the pack.

Cold Steel Trail Tomahawk, had the following done from new (from the top of my head):

- Handle shortened to a more packable hatchet length
- Ugly coating on blade removed and an antiqued finish applied.
- Blade reshaped (check out original for reference) shaving a bit of weight and adding to the look
- Hammer poll at rear removed / shortened significantly to a flattened nub left for hammering in tent stakes etc.
- 550 cord and dry epoxy wrap added for grip
- Copper (I think) eyelet added to the handle and lanyard added
- Leather and bungee cord blade mask added

New, unused by me. It has had a layer of FrogLube applied for storage.



I'm after £75 posted to UK for this. No trades / PX thanks.
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